Just like people, plants need food to survive. Just like people, plants are healthier when they consume a healthy diet.

So, what makes a healthy plant diet? If you are like most of us, you would not consider a diet of pills and synthetic chemicals a healthy way to provide the complex vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc that our bodies’ require. As an advocate of organic growing methods, we do not consider that a healthy regime for plants either.

The sun, water and soil are nature’s way of feeding plant life. A healthy soil contains the broad range of nutrients, trace minerals, amino acids and growth hormones required by plant life. Quality organic soil and plant products are formulated from natural complex organic ingredients that provide this broad range of components. Soil organisms convert these organic elements into forms that are available for plant uptake and develop symbiotic relationships with the plant that support the absorption process (see the Soil Food Web for more detail). As plant life uses these elements, replenish the food supply with additional organic nutrients.

In simple terms, provide your soil with rich organic materials and your soil will provide a healthy diet to your plants.


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