Whole books are written on this subject and every organic gardener seems to have their own unique opinion on the ‘best’ way to grow organically. Well, there are a lot of opinions because there are many different ways to achieve great results. We wanted to address the issue because we have many customers asking us about the best way to use our products.

So, I’ve bought your products. Now what do I do?

Always, always, get your soil right before doing anything else (we wrote an article on this). If you don’t, you’ll be fighting soil issues throughout your grow or gardening season. Pick your potting soil or clean and turn your garden soil. Make sure your drainage is good and that the soil structure can support your plant. Make sure your biology is good (we’ll post on this later).

Humic Acid (carbon) is a great supplement to your soil environment. Mixing dry humic throughout your soil before planting is an easy one-step process. We’ve also got a liquid humic product (Black Humic) which can be used throughout the growing season. Humic acid improvements the fertility of your soil and the microbial environmental. You don’t need to use this product but it can improve your results depending on the condition of your soil.

If you are an inexperienced grower, its best to use our product instructions as a starting point.

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