Discussion on chemical fertilizers
I had an interesting discussion today regarding the negative impact (or lack
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Is this how we garden?
We are constantly bombarded by ads, letting us know what we NEED to do to ensure a healthy weed-free lawn every
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Scoop on chemical fertilizers
Many experts and marketers tout the benefits of chemical fertilizers (also know as synthetic) – they are effective for plant
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What About OMRI
Some thoughts on what OMRI certification means.
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Businesses are told to not make political statements – we understand why, we just don’t necessarily agree.

The environmental impact of today’s agricultural practices (both commercial and at home) are significant and we hope that we can do our small part to help educate interested folks. We will occasionally post on topics related to our industry  that we feel are important and are typically issues that our customers are discussing with us.

Feel free to chime in.

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