Amber Fulvic 5X

Source of fulvic acid – a concentrated version of our Amber Fulvic product.

Used to improve soil quality, promote microbial activity, improve plant efficiency and nutrient uptake.

Best used as foliar application.

Recommended for use with all container and in-ground plants.

available sizes: Quart, Gallon
release time:  1 month

Derived from humalite

Amber Fulvic 5X may be used with all plants.

Application Rates – best as foliar spray (wet both sides of leaf). Dilute before using: 1 part Amber Fulvic to 100 parts water. DO NOT STORE IN DILUTE FORM.

Roses, flowers, large plants and shrubs: 3-6 ml per 100 square feet weekly.

Vegetable gardens/beds: 3-6 ml per 100 square feet weekly.

Containers: 1-2 ml weekly.

May be applied with watering can or hose-end sprayer

See ‘Plant feeding requirements‘ if you are using Amber Fulvic 5X in combination with other products or for more information.

See ‘Feeding with organics‘ for general information on using organic nutrients.


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