Feather Meal


Source of nitrogen.

Recommended for use with plants requiring slow-release N including leafy greens and corn. May be used with all flowering plants, trees, ornamentals and shrubs. 

available sizes: 5 lbs, 25 lbs
density:  0.24 lbs per cup
release time:  2-3 months

Derived from hydrolyzed poultry feathers

Feather Meal may be used with all plants.

Application Rates – always mix into soil.

Roses, flowers, large plants and shrubs: use 1 cup per plant early in season (or at planting), 1/2 cup mid-season.

Vegetable gardens/beds:  5-10 lbs per 100 square feet, at start and mid-season.

Containers:  1-2 tablespoon per gallon of soil, twice per season.

Compost Starter:  2 lbs

See ‘Plant feeding requirements‘ if you are using in combination with other products or for more information.

See ‘Feeding with organics‘ for general information on using organic nutrients.

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