Shrimp Shell Meal


Source of nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium(16%) and magnesium(>1%).

It is also high in chiten which promotes the development of chitin-eating bacteria that help eliminate pests such as ants and slugs.

Recommended for flowering plants, trees, ornamentals and bulbs.

available sizes: 3 lbs, 20 lbs
density:  0.14 lbs per cup
release time:  1-4 months

Derived from shrimp industry by-product

Oyster Shell Flour may be used with all plants.

Application Rates – always mix into soil.

Roses, flowers, large plants and shrubs: use 1/2-1 cup per plant early in season (or at planting), 1/2-1 cup at bloom and 1/2 cup at late season.

Vegetable gardens/beds:  5-8 lbs per 100 square feet, per month.

Containers:  1-1.5 tablespoon per gallon of soil, per month.

Shrubs and Trees:  1.5-1 lbs per 2″ of trunk diameter.

See ‘Plant feeding requirements‘ if you are using shrimp meal in combination with other products or for more information.

See ‘Feeding with organics‘ for general information on using organic nutrients.


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